Data Policy

While is designed to monitor website usage, we achieve this without gathering any personal data or personally identifiable information (PII), without employing cookies, and while maintaining the privacy of your site's visitors. To further explain our data policy, we will outline the data we collect, what we use it for, and the steps we've taken to comply with the GDPR, PECR, and cookie laws.

What we collect and what we use it for

At, we prioritize privacy. We do not track users across different devices or sites, which means we cannot identify if the same person visits a site from multiple devices or visits other sites. Our web analytics tool is designed with privacy in mind.

How we count unique users

To accurately count unique users, we generate a session ID. The session ID generation method prioritizes user privacy by employing a privacy-friendly approach. It combines two pieces of information to create a unique session ID for each user's browsing session. The first part is the user agent string, which contains general details about the user's browser and operating system. This helps in distinguishing between different browsers and versions. The second part is the current date, represented as a string in the format 'Day Month Date Year'. This adds a time-bound element, ensuring that the session ID changes every day. By utilizing these non-personal and non-identifiable pieces of information and applying a secure hashing algorithm called SHA-256, the code generates a session ID that is consistent throughout a user's session while safeguarding their privacy. This approach ensures that the session IDs are unique, stable during a browsing session, and respectful of user privacy by not relying on personally identifiable information.

European-based hosting and data privacy

Our dedicated team is based in Munich, Germany. All the data we collect is securely hosted on European-owned servers, ensuring strict adherence to the EU's data privacy laws.

Data ownership

When you use, you retain 100% ownership of your website data. Although the data is stored on our servers, you have complete control over it. We never sell or share your site data with any third parties. You can delete your account and site stats at any time.

Compliance with GDPR and PECR

With, you can leave behind concerns about GDPR, PECR prompts, and complex privacy policies related to analytics and cookies. Since we do not track any personal data, your visitors can enjoy your site without any distractions. Sign up for a 3-month free trial to experience our privacy-friendly and compliant web analytics.

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